I'm Anne-Sophie

a dataviz practitioner

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snippet of a chart from my piece called 6 Reasons to(re)watch Buffy showing an arc diagram that displays all the payoffs and foreshadows in the TV series. The horizontal axis is the time (meaning the progression of the 144 episodes, 7 seasons) and each arc is a payoff (if above the line) or a foreshadow (if below) the horizontal line

Why Curious Data?

Because the web domain Data Curious was already taken! And because my head is full of serious data questions on various topics.

Some of the questions I have explored through the medium of data visualisation:

  • What's the best recipe to win at Eurovision?
  • What companies need to know about sustainability conversations before posting on LinkedIn?
  • What makes the musical Hamilton, the TV series Buffy, and the board game Seven Wonders so great?

more about me

My work

  • 'Viz of Day' on Tableau Public three times
  • Longlisted for the 'Information is Beautiful Awards' (IIAB) three times
  • Top 10 in Tableau's Ironviz Competition for 2021

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