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snippet of the Buffy viz showing a network chart of pop culture references inside and outside of Buffy

6 reasons to (re)watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tableau Ironviz Top 10 qualifiers (2021)
Long listed in the IIAB (2022)

snapshot of the viz showing the homepage, with a look and feel very similar to the 'believe' poster, a key element in the TV show

Ted Lasso and his pop culture references

'Viz of the Day' on Tableau Public (2023)

snapshot of a dataviz showcasing numbers related to the sustainability conversation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn: sustainability conversations

Posted on the LinkedIn Marketing blog

single project

Eurovision: does jury bias lead to victory?

'Viz of the Day' on Tableau Public (2021)
Long listed in the IIAB (2022)

snapshot showing ratings of the different albums of the electronic band

Depeche Mode: an exploration of my devotion

'Viz of the Day' on Tableau Public (2022)

snippets of other projects including ratings of the Mandalorian or a network chart of the game 7 wonders

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